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Trigger Point Treatment

What to expect:

First sessions are "investigative" in such that the complete person is checked for trigger points, not necessarily just the complaint site of pain. Trigger points often form in multiple muscles and with long standing pain the problem tends to become more complex, this is why the whole person is checked in the first session.

Each session is a partnered treatment between body worker and client as communication throughout treatment is essential. A session is not a "spa-like" experience, remember it is a form of therapy.

Client will be asked to only remove clothing that makes the client feel comfortable. Trigger Point Body Work can be done through thin clothing; however, to be in contact with skin allows the body worker to "feel" muscle tone, tension, tight bands, knots, etc. Only the muscle being treated is exposed at any time and proper draping techniques are employed to ensure privacy. 

Moist heat applications allow client to relax and prepares the muscles for treatment.

Treatment times vary from client to client depending on their own special needs and also their willingness to cooperate with self-applied home treatments in between sessions. 

Treatment at times throughout the session may be painful or uncomfortable when trigger points are compressed. This is when communication is key to avoid over-treating any area or causing too much discomfort. Clients often say it's a "good-hurt", that is a good thing. 

At any time during a treatment if you feel uncomfortable, nauseous, light-headed or sore, please advise body worker. 

If you have had long standing pain do not expect to be "fixed" in one treatment; however, some clients indicate that they notice improvement after their first treatment. Healing takes place in between sessions. Together we create an environment that is conducive to healing, it is your body that does the "real work" once perpetuating factors are removed and trigger points are treated.

Heather keeps detailed notes throughout session where trigger points have been found and will review with client at end of session. Client will receive at home instructions for post-treatment as well as discuss what to do if possible adverse reactions occur after the first session.

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