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"After being diagnosed with a viral infection that affected the mobility in my neck I went to see Heather because what I was doing for pain was not helping. She began with multiple questions, personal, work-related, etc. Following the consultation she discovered and worked on a few trigger points that were causing pain in my neck. After working on me for an hour or so I could not believe the difference, I was amazed!"


"It is well worth the travel as Heather is very well trained and knowledgeable in treating trigger points. Her background in the fitness industry is an added bonus to her clients as well. I find her very professional and helpful. It is obvious she has a passion for trigger point therapy and helping others. I have had an enormous decrease in pain issues since seeing Heather."


I met Heather in 2012, when she attended 3 Trigger Point Workshops in Frederiction, New Brunswick that I presented. However, prior to our first meeting, I was already mentoring her whilst she studied Trigger Point Therapy. After meeting and chatting with her (in person) in Fredericton, I had no doubt that her perspicacity would result with her becoming a great Trigger Point Therapist (Bodyworker).

Since she achieved her WHM Level 1 Certification, I have had the opportunity to chat with her about various client cases; and I can say without hesitation, that my hunch was correct regarding her outstanding ability and professional approach to this therapy. Her natural ability to listen, see, palpate, and problem solve is impressive; these abilities are so important to carry out good Trigger Point Therapy protocol.

She has proven herself to be a fine asset to our group, and of course, benefiting those who are suffering with chronic pain and dysfunction!

I fully expect Heather to reach her WHM Level 2 Certification before too long, and I would not hesitate to recommend her comprehensive Trigger Point services to any of my friends or family members. Thanks Heather!

William Huhn

Nanaimo BC

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