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Morton's Toe? What is that?

Simply put, Morton's Foot Structure or Morton's Toe is a foot structure present from birth. It is when the 2nd metatarsal in the foot is longer than the 1st metatarsal. It has nothing to do with the toes itself but the bones in the foot, although extra webbing between the 2nd and 3rd toes is often present.

This condition causes the foot to have a slight wobble effect with each step. Over time this instability and over pronation of the foot can cause trigger points to develop in the intrinsic and extrinsic foot muscles which can have a cascading effect up through your entire body.

Treatment for Morton's Foot Structure is relatively simple and once corrected then trigger points in muscles can be treated with a lasting affect.

  • To correct the negative effects of Morton’s Foot Structure, a foam pad should be placed on the underside a shoe insole. This foam material usually is found in a 'sheet' form. You will have to cut what you need from this sheet, and one sheet should give you about 8 pads.The 1 sheet pkg. will only cost a few bucks.
  • The foam pad placement should be aligned under the head of the first metatarsal- i.e. it should be positioned directly under the head of the 1st metatarsal.
  • The pad should have an adhesive on one side, so it will adhere to the underside of your shoe's insole.
  • It should be a diameter of between 20mm - 30mm, depending on the size of your foot and should be about 4mm thick.
  • As the pad compresses with use, to a non-beneficial thickness (you'll see that the pad is flattened); replace, or better yet, stick another pad over the old one. How frequently you have to replace the foam pad will depend on the intensity your daily foot activity.
  • Use the pad(s) (every day) in all your footwear, including slippers. Of course some footwear will not be appropriate for insoles - but you must realize the importance of using the pad as often as possible to maximize the benefits!
  • The foam pad will prevent the 2nd metatarsal from contacting the ground before the 1st metatarsal; thereby correcting the hyperpronation and foot wobble that is caused by the Morton's Foot Structure.
  • It should NOT be placed anywhere else on the insole, and should not be placed directly on the skin. 
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