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What to expect:

You may feel quite drowsy after treatment. You may feel sore and even experience slight bruising. This is not common but if it happens don't be alarmed. You may also experience some tweaks or twinges in areas that were treated and even in areas that were not treated. This is common and usually subsides quickly, within a day or so. Sometimes after an area has been treated, a "new pain" appears, also common particularly with long standing problems. 

Many clients comment that they went home after treatment and had a nice nap or that they slept great that night, this is a nice after affect for some. It is recommended to keep activity minimal after treatment, rather go home and have a hot epsom salts bath and relax for the evening if possible. 

Drink lots of water post-treatment, at least a few glasses. This helps your kidneys remove any toxins that were released during your treatment. 

Moist heat applications are recommended and avoid getting "chilled" muscles. Do not ice muscles unless instructed by body worker. Chilling muscles actually causes trigger points to re-form, defeating the purpose of your treatment session. Avoid sleeping with windows open or at the very least wear some form of sleepwear to bed to keep the cool evening air from chilling your muscles while you rest.

Follow At-Home Trigger Point Protocol received from Heather, this will expedite the healing process and allow you to return to normal pain-free living!

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

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