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About Us

Being involved in the wellness industry as an Exercise Coach for almost two decades, Heather Brittain has over a thousand hours of study and courses in the field of Trigger Point Body Work. She has completed multiple certifications in strength training and corrective exercise. Currently Heather has completed Level 1 and Level 2 Trigger Point Body work utilizing the William Huhn Method and is working towards her Level 3 to become a certified instructor.

During her years of coaching exercise clients, Heather learned that a majority of the population was dealing with some kind of myofascial (muscle) pain and had problems performing basic everyday movement patterns without any discomfort or range of motion restrictions. This led her to the study of Corrective Exercise under the CHEK Institute and ultimately to the discovery of Trigger Point Body Work. 

A long-time volleyball player Heather struggled with chronic pain in her shoulder. It was after failing at many other types of therapies that she purchased a book called The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Claire Davis. This book gave a basic understanding of how to treat chronic pain and was the first stepping stone to her study in the field of trigger points.

Heather's practice resides in the Kennebecasis Valley and is currently accepting clients.



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